Discovery of a secret collection

Since 15 years Greta and Andrea Biasca-Caroni were waiting to buy the house next to their hotel, the hotel Ascona, in Ascona. Finally they have the chance to acquire it, full, left empty for 15 years, including the paintings made by the previous owner (a painter), Luigi Pericle Giovannetti, who died in 2001 leaving no heirs.

The Biasca-Caroni’s realize they are in front of an important (half) undiscovered artist of the last century. The full story is available in the internet site .

Here are some reasons supporting the importance of the story :

The chief of the Cultural division of the Region Raffaella Castagnola Rossini ( saw the paintings and listened to the story and decided to include it in the cultural heritage of Ticino, Switzerland :

  •    The house was offered to the painter Luigi Pericle by the international stunning art collector Peter G. Staechelin (who sold the most expensive painting, the Gauguin’s Nafea, for 300 millions $) in order to let the painter create with no material problems.
  •    Luigi Pericle is not known to the public because after a great success in England exposing with Jean Dubuffet, Frank Stella, Karel Appel, Pablo Picasso between others and receiving magnificent critics by Herbert Read (advisor of Peggy Guggenheim) he refused to expose further. Searching for peace and harmony, far from the turmoil of celebrity, he spent his time in retreat in Ascona, in this nice villa, perfecting the research “of an absolute beauty” as stated by Herbert Read himself on a visit to Ascona. Luigi Pericle was a genius, gifted in illustration, painting, writing, zen Buddhism, Astrolgy, Egiptology …
  •    The prices of the painting in the 60’s were about 60’000 chf (find bills here ). Some paintings were sold from 2009 until 2013 by  auction houses but without possessing the whole collection and unaware of the full story they didn’t reach the right audience and notoriety.
  •    The Biasca-Caroni collection is vaste : 1650 pieces and the internet site resume the whole impressive story.
  •    Other 100 pieces are in possession of Ruedi Staechelin in Basel and the rest was collected by VIP buyers in the 60’s like Lady Tate (Tate Gallery, London) or the daughter Alec Douglas Home, prime minister of England (‘63-‘64).

The aim of Greta and Andrea Biasca-Caroni is now to publish the whole story and to expose the paintings of Luigi Pericle in museums and galleries.

Influences of theosophy on Luigi Pericle

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