The Luigi Pericle archive is located in the Ascona hotel and it is suitable for many types of activities. The Archives regularly hosts students, researchers, archivists, curators and journalists. The available spaces are :

800 m2 of modular rooms equipped for study rooms, seminar rooms, conferences, congresses, banquets, receptions, projections, translations, tournages, fashion shows, shootings and other activities upon request.
68 bedrooms, 3 restaurants, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage rooms , small gym space, park and and national park directly accessible from the facility.

Students from all over the world stay at our facility, which provides free accommodation and meals. At the non-profit association Archivio Luigi Pericle it is possible to do university internships, dissertations and study/post-education/work stays in collaboration with your university or research centre.

The archive is located on the hill of Ascona and 5 minutes walk from the seminar center Monte Verità and directly connected with walks in the woods. The tourist and artistic region offers many attractions of all kinds.
Moreover, the archive regularly hosts the meetings of the Theosophical Society and in addition to the countless texts in the archive there is a vast theosophical library.

Our aim is to promote the study of the spiritual in art in collaboration with museums, academies and associations that share our philosophy.

Some examples :

The Warburg Institute

The Warburg Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for studying the interaction of ideas, images and society. It is dedicated to the survival and transmission of culture across time and space, with a special emphasis on the afterlife of antiquity. Its open-stack Library, Photographic Collection and Archive serve as an engine for interdisciplinary research, postgraduate teaching and a prestigious events and publication programme.

Amsterdam Ermetica

Situated within the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam, the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (HHP) is the world’s leading institute for academic research and teaching in the field of esotericism. We are currently the only centre in the world providing a complete academic study program in the history of esotericism, from the Bachelor to the PhD level. Our international and interdisciplinary research group delivers cutting-edge research on esoteric currents from Mediterranean antiquity through the medieval world, the Renaissance, and into modern and contemporary times. Our students are invited to engage with ongoing research through teaching modules and tutorials in the MA program. Find out more about our current research projects as well as about how to apply for our study program by following the links on the right.


In line with its history and tradition, the Giorgio Cini Foundation has decided to create the new Study Centre for Comparative Civilisations and Spirituality. The Centre is the natural evolution of the pre-existing “Venice and the East” Institute, which was established in 1958 with the primary aim of promoting the study of the civilisations of India and the Far East and which over the years has been the fulcrum of an incessant dialogue between East and West, as well as a point of reference for scholars from all over the world thanks to its extremely rich library, seminars, conferences and publications. This Centre proposes a comparative approach to the study of different cultures, religions and spiritualities. This comparison is intended as a tool for the promotion of dialogue between civilisations, as an exchange and comparison not only of different notions, but also of different political, theoretical and aesthetic experiences. Among the projects we would like to develop and promote are: mysticism, esotericism, spirituality and popular religion are elusive concepts, which, as Michel De Certeau says, still frighten the epistemology of contemporary social sciences.


To begin to study it in depth, you can find a lot of documentation in this free portal created for this purpose.


Hotel Ascona hosted and produced Ascona Film Festival : VIDEO PRESTENTATION

The purpose of the initiative is to promote study, spirituality, art and their expressions, as well as their role in culture and social events for development and improvement.

Some pages of easily accessible cultural places or istitutions in our area :

The history of ASCONA

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If you wish to spend a period at the non-profit association Archivio Luigi Pericle we provides room and board.

The philosophy of the Luigi Pericle archive research centre is to promote the professional realisation of the most deserving students in an interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk concept.
Art, film, literature, architecture, design, culture in its broadest, interdisciplinary and intercultural sense. Interest in the spiritual and in a neo-renaissance conception of transversality are our watchword.

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