The villa in Ascona where Luigi Pericle lived with his wife was provided by Peter G. Staechelin in order to let Luigi Pericle develop his paintings without material problems. The Staechelin collection of Luigi Pericle’s works consist in more than 100 paintings.


LUIGI PERICLE’s 1965’s catalog was printed too thanks to The maecenas, patron Peter G. Staechelin.

But who is Peter G. Staechelin ?

The maecenas, patron Peter G. Staechelin :  the article of the Washington Post.

Summarizing :  Peter G. Staechelin owned a remarquable art collection including Picasso, Guaguin, Van Gogh, Monet, Manet,Cézanne, Pissarro paintings, some of them must be sold after the crash of one of the planes (and the consequent financial breakdown) of his airline.



Peter G. Staechelin (by Luigi Pericle)


In this collection’s catalog I find Luigi Pericle after a long list of world famous painters.



Patron Rudolf Staechelin sold this Gauguin for 300’000’000$ …

BBC NEWS Article


This is the most expensive picture of the world sold for 300’000’000 $.


What we read about Luigi Pericle in the Rudolf Staechelin Collection Basel’s Catalog :





Biasca-Caroni’s collection

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Luigi Pericle, return to the world of a lost artist