Luigi Pericle’s exhibition in London, Tooth Gallery 1964 with :

Karel Appel

Animal fond rouge, 1961, canvas 32″x 39 1/2″


Frédéric Benrath

Le Sable d’eil, 1962 Canvas (Subs.)


Norman Bluhm

(c) Mrs. Cary Bluhm; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Bram Bogart


William Brooker

Brooker, William; Ikaria; Arts Council Collection;


Wiliam Crozier

Jean Dubuffet

The Busy Life 1953 Jean Dubuffet 1901-1985 Presented by the artist 1966

Thomas Erma


Luis Feito

Sam Francis

Derek Hirst

Hirst, Derek; Perdido; Arts Council Collection;

Paul Jenkins

Asger Jorn

Antonio Lago

Bengt Lindstrom


George Matthieu

Henri Michaux

Manolo Milares


Luigi Pericle

Peter Phillips


Phillips, Peter; Gravy for the Navy II; Government Art Collection;

Jean Paul Riopelle


Antonio Saura

Antoni Tàpies

Robert van Eyck

Pierre Wemaere



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