Chiara Gatti fra Greta e Andrea Biasca-Caroni

Luigi Pericle

Discovery of a secret collection

Since 15 years Greta and Andrea Biasca-Caroni were waiting to buy the house next to their hotel, the hotel Ascona, in Ascona. Finally they had the chance to acquire it, full, left inhabited for 15 years, including the paintings made by the previous owner (a painter), Luigi Pericle Giovannetti, who died in 2001 leaving no heirs.

The Biasca-Caroni’s realize they are in front of an important (half) undiscovered artist of the last century. The full story is available in the internet site .

Here are some reasons supporting the importance of the story :

The chief of the Cultural division of the Region Raffaella Castagnola Rossini ( ) examided the paintings and the story and decided to include it in the cultural heritage of our Swiss region, Ticino :

  • The house was offered to the painter Luigi Pericle by the international stunning art collector Peter G. Staechelin in order to let the painter create with no material problems.
  • Luigi Pericle is not known to the public because after a great success in England exposing with Jean Dubuffet, Frank Stella, Karel Appel, Pablo Picasso between others and receiving magnificent critics by Herbert Read (advisor of Peggy Guggenheim) he refused to expose further. Searching for peace and harmony, far from the fame turmoil, he spent his time in retreat in Ascona, in this nice villa, perfecting the research “of an absolute beauty” as stated by Herbert Read himself on a visit to Ascona.
  • The prices of the painting in the 60’s were about 60’000 chf. Some auctions were made in from 2009-2013 by some auction houses without possessing the whole collection and unaware of the full story they miserably failed.
  • The Biasca-Caroni collection is vaste : 3750 pieces (plus horoscopes, documents, a 500 pages manuscrip in German)
  • Other 100 pieces are in possession of Ruedi Staechelin in Basel and the rest was collected by VIP buyers in the 60’s like Lady Tate or the daughter of Alec Douglas Home, prime minister of England (‘63-‘64). Also the german star Brigitte Elm (Metropolis by Fritz Lang) was a Luigi Pericle’s collector.

The aim of Greta and Andrea Biasca-Caroni is now is to expose the paintings of Luigi Pericle in museums and galleries.


Guido Magnaguagno

Guido Magnaguagno (former director Kunsthaus Zürich)
and Andrea Biasca-Caroni (with his wife owner of the collection).



Luigi Pericle : The pursuit of an absolute beauty

Since 15 years we were waiting to buy the Luigi Pericle (Giovannetti)’s house. Finally my wife and I had the chance to acquire it including the paintings of his owner, Luigi Pericle Giovannetti, who died in 2001 leaving no heirs.

I knew Mr. Giovannetti (Luigi Pericle) as a wise man, but only now I realize we are in front of an undiscovered artist of the last century. Since Luigi Pericle made few  expositions in England after which he refused to expose further or sell, he is not known. He spent his time in retreat in Ascona.

Our aim now is to expose his paintings in museums and galleries.

A picture of Luigi Pericle and his wife




Some works in galleries and museums


Paintings at Peter Scott Gallery 


Prices and owners :



Following the price list of sold pictures in 1977 the big paintings were sold for 60’000 Chf of that time.

Luigi Pericle’s expo at :

Arthur Tooth & Sons Gallery


(Today you find Loro Piana shop where since 1970 there was Arthur Tooth & Sons)
Arthur Tooth & Sons was an art gallery founded in London, England in 1842 by Charles Tooth (1788–1868).
The page about the Tooth gallery of the 2nd expo.
NPG x131018; Dudley William Tooth by Ida Kar

by Ida Kar, vintage bromide print, 1959

Dudley Tooth (1896–1972)


The exhibition “colour, form and texture”, March 1964 at the Tooth Gallery showcased some of the most important contemporary artists like :


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Some of the owners I’ve found traces of :


1) Basil de Ferranti, Parliamentarian


Mr. de Ferranti, educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, had been a Conservative member of the British Parliament from 1958 to 1964. He became a member of the European Economic Community’s European Parliament in 1979.

Mr. de Ferranti’s company, a family-owned business, is leading British investment in the technology for extending the use of mobile telephones.

Married three times, Mr. de Ferranti had three sons and a daughter

Sebastian de Ferranti, who has died aged 88, was chairman of the pioneering electronics company founded by his grandfather, and the creator of one of Britain’s finest 20th-century country houses, the neo-Palladian Henbury Hall in Cheshire.


Karl Hans Strauss/ Baronesse Minka Schey von Koromla


The Minka & Karl-Hans Strauss Collection, includes letters from Claude Monet, Camille pissarro, Paul Signac, Jean Cocteau, Raoul Dufy, Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin.

Minka & Karl-Hans Strauss were eclectic collectors with a passionate interest in theatre and music. Many musicians, writers, sculptors and artists visited the Strauss’ home at 22 Place Vendôme, invariably leaving a memento.

Burkhardt-Koechlin sammlung basel :

Karl August Burckhardt-Koechlin-Fonds

Im Andenken an Herrn Karl August Burckhardt-Koechlin wurde der Fonds 1961 von Martin H. Burckhardt gegründet. Der Fonds ist im Eigentum der Freiwilligen Akademischen Gesellschaft mit der Auflage die Werke im Kupferstichkabinett der öffentlichen Kunstsammlung in Basel als Depositum zu halten. Die verfügbaren Mittel werden zur Anschaffung von Zeichnungen und Aquarellen von vorwiegend Europäischen Künstlern des 20. und 21. Jahrhundert verwendet, dabei sind die Schweizer Künstler erfreulich stark vertreten sind.
Der Fonds erwirbt nicht nur repräsentative Einzelstücke, sondern kauft wenn immer möglich ganze Gruppen von Zeichnungen.

Following a money/time evalutation the big picture sold in 1977 at 60’000 Chf should cost today about 200’000 chf.


Bennet Korn, 75, TV Executive


USA Pres.Truman shakes hands with Bennet H. Korn at the Truman Library.

Bennet H. Korn, an executive with the Metromedia Corporation in the 1950’s and 60’s, died of a heart attack at his home in Walnut Creek, Calif., on Tuesday. He was 75 years old and suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

From 1962 to 1966, Mr. Korn was the president of Metropolitan Broadcasting Television, a division of Metromedia that operated seven television stations, including Channel 5 in New York.

During those years, Mr. Korn helped to make the independent stations competitive with the network affiliates, purchasing programs from the British Broadcasting Corporation, presenting intellectual debates on contemporary subjects and commissioning documentaries and dramatic works that earned critical acclaim. Consultant in California

In the 1940’s, Mr. Korn was a promotion manager for WQXR, the radio station owned by The New York Times Company. He also worked for the DuMont Network. After leaving Metromedia, he moved to California and became a television consultant. For the past five years, he was a program consultant to KPIX, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco.

Mr. Korn was active in the cultural life of New York, serving for 21 years on the board of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and on the city’s Commission for Cultural Affairs during the Wagner, Beame and Koch administrations. He was also a former president of Young Filmmakers/Video Arts, a group that provides space and equipment to young film makers.

Mr. Korn is survived by his wife, Ruth, a step-daughter, Deborah Tatar of Palo Alto, Calif., and a sister, Amy Beringer of Yonkers.

Lady Meriel (daughter of) Alec Douglas-Home

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Right Honourable
The Lord Home of the Hirsel
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office 19 October 1963 – 16 October 1964
Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron Home of the Hirsel, KT, PC (Listeni/ˈhjuːm/; 2 July 1903 – 9 October 1995) was a British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister from October 1963 to October 1964

Helmut Kindler


Helmut Kindler (* 3. Dezember1912 in Berlin; † 15. September2008 in Küsnacht, Schweiz) war ein deutscher Verleger und Autor.

Mit Biographien, Werken zum Zeitgeschehen und großen Enzyklopädien wurde das Unternehmen zu einem der bedeutendsten deutschen Traditionshäuser nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Zu Kindlers Autoren gehörten Willy Brandt, Ludwig Marcuse, Fritz Kortner, Walter Jens, Robert Jungk, Albert Schweitzer, nicht zuletzt Eugen Kogon (mit Der SS-Staat) und Sebastian Haffner (mit Anmerkungen zu Hitler).

Helmut Kindler (born December 3, 1912 in Berlin, Germany, September 15, 2008 in Küsnacht, Switzerland) was a German publisher and author.
With biographies, contemporary works and large encyclopedias the company became one of the most important German tradition houses after the Second World War. Among the authors were Willy Brandt, Ludwig Marcuse, Fritz Kortner, Walter Jens, Robert Jungk and Albert Schweitzer, not least Eugene Kogon (with The SS State) and Sebastian Haffner (with comments on Hitler).

Other emarquable facts about Luigi Pericle :

Here we can read about the maecens Staechelin (his son following the press sold the Gaugin for 300 billions) selling some Schiele and Klimt in order to buy in exclusivity Luigi Pericle’s production.


LUIGI PERICLE is unknown because he wanted to paint in peace and retreat. He didn’t miss money and was a deep, self made eclectic international researcher.

The artistic value of his paintings is remarquable.

16 years after his death, it is time  to show his work to the public considering that art history is full of painter becoming famous after their death. Some examples ;

Vincent Van Gogh

El Greco

Paul Gauguin


Luigi Pericle : The mysterious rebel who retired on the threshold of success

Luigi Pericle Giovannetti was already worldwide famous for his MAX :